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Still Using a Horseless Carriage (a Word Processor)? The first automobiles added engines to horse-drawn carriages, but did little else to improve transportation. Today’s word processors are like software horseless carriages — but there is an alternative.

New Orleans Writing

The Maple Leaf Rag V

The publication party for the Maple Leaf Rag V was held at the Maple Leaf Bar in New Orleans on August 10th. The auspiciousness of the evening being a “Super Moon” surprised no one. According the the New Orleans Historical web site, “In 1979, famed local poet Everette Maddox began the series with sculptor Franz […]


The War Of Art

The book is The War Of Art, by Steven Pressfield, not to be confused with The Art Of War, a completely (!) different book. This small volume was recommended by an author/speaker at the Santa Barbara Writer’s conference. One of the ridiculously successful authors at this year’s conference mentioned that in his opinion The War […]