MetaWrite Videos

To play any of the videos, click the “Play Video” link that follows the video’s description. You can always interrupt the current video to play another by clicking on its play link.

We suggest watching the videos in full screen mode, to clearly see the on-screen details.

The Horseless Carriage Why use MetaWrite? What makes it better than a word processor for authors? What is “meta data”? Play Video

What does a MetaWrite session look like? A quick look at the MetaWrite window’s tabs (for different “views” of the project). Menus, Tool Bars, Tree Tab, Preview Pane, WYSIWYG Editor, Desktop Tab with multiple desktops, Roles tab, Settings tab, Log tab, and other elements of the user interface. Play Video

Tree Tab Basics Basic operations on project tree, the primary work area for MetaWrite projects. Play Video

Tree Tab: Drag & Drop Creating / Reorganizing the Tree with Drag & Drop. Play Video

(Check back soon. More MetaWrite Videos are on the Way.)