My Computer History


My Computer History

(My apologies to the hard core: I’ve chosen accessibility over strict accuracy in an attempt to address an audience beyond the computer intelligentsia.)

When I was at Westdale Junior High School in Baton Rouge in 1960, I came across The Boys Book of Electronics, which had a chapter on “Giant Electronic Brains”. I’ve been hooked on computers ever since.

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The Maple Leaf Rag V

The publication party for the Maple Leaf Rag V was held at the Maple Leaf Bar in New Orleans on August 10th. The auspiciousness of the evening being a “Super Moon” surprised no one.

According the the New Orleans Historical web site, “In 1979, famed local poet Everette Maddox began the series with sculptor Franz Heldner and poet Nancy Harris.” The weekly reading has continued uninterrupted for thirty-five years, save for Mardi Gras, hurricanes, and an occasional Saint’s playoff game. Since Everette’s death in 1989, the readings have been guided by the capable hands of Nancy Harris.

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Elixir, Making the Revolution Fun

Most of us write software in environments with ridiculous deadlines. We don’t have time to investigate every new thing. My purpose in this article is convince you that Function Programming + Immutable Data + Massive Parallelism (which I will henceforth abbreviate as FIMP, is not just another new thing, but is an important collection of new technologies and a reasonable and obvious response to the fundamentally-changed/changing computing environment.

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