MetaWrite: Smarter Manuscripts

Ink Byte Press is the publisher of the exciting new writing tool, MetaWrite, for authors who work on book length projects. Word, LibreOffice, Scrivener, et al, only edit the text of your manuscript. MetaWrite does that, as well, but adds a manuscript database to your project, to help you create with sane, fast revisions, find your way in a book length work, see your manuscript in different ways, maintain multiple versions, and work smarter in many ways. There are short videos of MetaWrite in action.

The MetaWrite desktop application is currently being tested internally. We will be starting “alpha” testing shortly, followed by at least one round of “beta” testing. If you are interested in participating the the development of MetaWrite as a tester, send an email to and let us know.

To subscribe to MetaWrite’s (low frequency!) email list and receive information about MetaWrite’s status and availability, send an email to with “SUBSCRIBE” in the title or body.

Find out more about MetaWrite for Book Length Projects

We love feedback. The most reliable way to contact us is by email at Comments, questions, or constructive criticism… anything you’d like to say is welcome.